Duplex - the Reusable Screw

The Reusable Duplex Screw: Boosting Efficiency with Every Turn

Never lose your screw again! The revolutionary Duplex Screw™ makes it easier to hold your projects together, but more importantly, remove your projects faster and easier than ever before. The Duplex Screw™ saves you both time and money.

Easy to install and remove using a Philips head or one-quarter hex drive. Better than nails, Duplex Screws™ can be used 20 times or more, saving you time and money, while reducing the risk of injury.

Smart crews use Duplex Screws™!

duplex screws

Duplex Screw™ Benefits

  • Out performs by saving time & money
  • Multiple re-use = cost savings & less waste
  • Fewer injuries
  • Secure bit: snug fitting & no slipping
  • Easy to find: bright orange head

Duplex Screw™ Applications

  • Concrete forms
  • Theater and movie sets
  • Storm proofing
  • Fireworks racks
  • Temporary structures

Available Sizes:

1-1/4″, 1-5/8″, 2-3/4″

Ships in:

10lb. and 25lb. boxes

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